Alabama estate
Alabama Estate wide angle of back yard

Not much is better than over-sized thornless blackberries in the heart of Dixie, except maybe plump blueberries. You’ve got the best of both worlds on this property!

blackberry orchard

Six fertile rows of three varieties of thornless blackberries bring in a cash crop every summer. If you enjoy canning, this is the perfect jamming fruit to be enjoyed all year long.



Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants and tasty too. Its enjoyable to take a morning walk through the blueberry orchard and nibble as you go.


That’s the beauty of being a gentleman farmer in the deep south. This lifestyle can be enjoyed by even the busiest of schedules and its a wonderful way to relax with nature and take timeout for yourself.


Blackberry blooms

Two pear trees produce bushels of fruit that look like this when they’re small.


And there are cherry trees!

cherry trees