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I’m sorry you were having issues with your DVDs! Yes, I believe Legacy Kit and Legacy Box are two different companies. Called them again, this time requesting a shipping label for return and a refund. Email responses were uninformative. Both companies are pretty highly reviewed those. But compared to other companies offering similar services to the Redbox franchise, the startup cost/cost of purchasing a DVDNow franchise, for instance, hovers around the $25,000 mark. 73 Legacy Box coupons, including 62 Legacy Box coupon codes & 11 deals for December 2020. That’s how I read the post. They pointed out stuff we all forgot about plus some great memories. Many locations allow 24/7 PO Box access, and if a package is too large to fit in your box… They immediately email back and said they would try. The rental period can be 3 months, 6 … They offer four different kit options. Hi Kim! I just asked for a full refund. Then I read (from one of these reviews) that they are located in Tennessee. I feel just terrible for the families that lost their artifacts and for the crappy way that Legacy Box treated it’s “treasured” customers. I had no idea which tapes were on which DVD’s. Prices range between $5,995,000 and $7,500,000 with 16 currently advertised for sale. Did we offer a return? I will also plan on using a local company so I don’t have to lose them in shipping. They repeatedly lied to me when I phoned. They were very intimate and wonderful family memories. After spending $249 for the original kit, plus an additional $198 for additional items, I received 6 DVDs back 9 days before Christmas. I got back one dvd with only ONE of the ten reels on it, my family originals never came back and two months later, no one at legacy box has ever been able to answer what happened, nor are they pro-active in calling me back. If you weren’t able to get in touch with us to fix any of your issues, we’d still be happy to do so! Crystal always gives a 100% honest review of the product, even when it’s underwritten. Research the 2020 Subaru Legacy with our expert reviews and ratings. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to reach us on the phone! If you are purchasing used box trucks, you need to pay specific attention to the smallest details. Several customer service reps came and went (ie are not longer employed) during the time they were supposedly processing our materials. In the boxes were photos, vhs, vhs-c, 8mm and slides so I understand it will take a awhile to process. They are charged at $15 and we’ll email you an invoice once those items arrive to us and we take an inventory of everything. I asked for an updo from the hairstylist who did hair at the wedding and she gave me some sort of updo for sure! We offer an always-changing array of styles from 1,000+ popular and exclusive brands for every price range, starting from around $20. I have scanned photos myself. It is now a year later. You just put your items in baggies with identification stickers on them, pop them in the Legacybox kit, put it back in the mailer box it came from, attach the pre-paid label, and drop it off at a FedEx store. They don’t care. I was able to scan in old VHS tapes, 8mm film cartridges, MiniDV and Digital 8 tapes. I am thinking it would be fun to give to a relative or friend who had a lot of memories to preserve or for someone who had lost a loved one. Well after reading this I’ve seen a place over by US 23 in Green Oak township, Michigan, where you can walk in and have it done. If you didn’t get any digitized media back, that’s definitely a problem. You never have to leave your house! I just recently ordered from Legacy Kit. A DVD can’t be wiped clean UNLESS they just went bad. If you’re looking to digitize your home movies, photos, and cassettes in a way that will leave all of your memories in pristine condition, either option will be great.Due to the at-home simplicity and proactive order tracking provided through Legacybox, they get the edge. And they save you up to 35%. ), and we have boxes of old slides from him. I left a vmail for a return call. My recommendation is go local. WHAT? Crazy technology! Oh yes our pictures were put on a DVD – all messed up, no time table, a couple pictures from 1 packet then 3 from another then one from an entirely different packet on the disk – DISGUSTING! Subscribe to followup comments via e-mail. It is sad enough you lost your memories, but I’m curious, no one mentions refunds. I looked over the site. Be the first to share what you think! I have since had them digitized by a local company. The fee for the box is just the fee for the digitizing. You could try taking it to a local place? The process took a few weeks and the quality seems pretty good. Hi Andrew! It took me two more afternoons to get through the rest of the tubs and then two more hours to go through the photos I’d narrowed things down to. When determining the cost of a scanning project, there is no pre-calculated price tag that can be stuck on each box of documents you have in a filing cabinet or storage facility. Don’t send your materials to them. All hospice support is completely free of charge. Samantha. It’s not cheap, but wasn’t the reason I cancelled. A more reasonable set-up would be the Sky Q 2TB box with HD, Ultimate On Demand and the Sky Q Experience, plus a single Mini box. Creating a Memorial Website is free. Being the highly-distractible person that I am, this was no small task. If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at It was nice. I can’t get my films back but I can tell you honestly about my awful experience. Muscle Deep Tissue Massager only $41.99 shipped (Reg. The more boxes you sign up for, the lower your monthly cost. I’m trying to find what professional equipment legacybox uses as I have over 100. Thank you for sharing your experience. Made me so happy and so melancholy at the same time! It’s near impossible! Then I found out why it’s likely done that way. Our normal processing time is 4-6 weeks once it arrives to our facility. Cost to Purchase. I ordered the closet Legacy Box last week. Plus, they converted an old home movie to digital and it was too dark to see anything on it – I wish they would have asked me before going forward. My order shipped in the first week of May and I’m still waiting for my order in the second week of July. Was thinking of locking in for the tokens. I was completely disappointed with the results. Just wondering, in … The discounted price and emails lead you to believe the format is in the cost of the box. Sent in a bunch of old tapes to have converted and put online. Anyway, I looked online and found a local place that is reasonably priced and COMES to your home to scan. The cost of having an Ignition Interlock device – also known as a ‘breathalyzer’ or ‘blow box’ – installed in your car is $150. I will say that in your ‘Cons’ section, i have a scanner. For unprofessional DVDs its less than half that, so be careful about burning your own and do some research. I’ve been talking to art schools to make sure the equipment and manner I use is the best ever. You think you are getting something for the fee, but you are not. Read more information on our comment policy. What other services have you used besides Legacy Box? Feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. I suppose I’ll have to send my pictures back for a re-do, but I just hate to trust my pictures with the mail/UPS again. All the emails I received from LB, “archiving” is a joke. Was thinking of locking in for the tokens. I am so disappointed to have spent over $400, planning so far in advance for the ultimate gift for loved ones, to be empty handed. Do not use LegacyBox. Without identification of who is in the pictures within a generation or two , they are meaningless. I expect a phone call Monday AM in regard to this matter My phone is 502 817 5337 I did not get a packing slip with my order. Legacybox doesn’t back up their work – I repeat, THEY DON’T BACK UP THEIR WORK – and their customer service is horrible. Due to the nature of the package I felt something was amiss, and after haggling a bit with the CSR, they sent me another box to send my stuff in and give me all digital files instead. Maybe the thing of not mailing it in would give you more peace of mind? 10 Item Family. Plus all the LegacyBox adverts in the middle of the post made me wonder…… Thanks everyone!!!!!! You can email us at Very unhappy…LegacyBox shipped our digitized, 40+ year-old 8mm films; shipped them via FedEx/USPS; and they were LOST! Legacybox includes everything you need to safely pack and send your recorded moments: a sturdy box to pack up your analog media, a welcome guide with instructions, safety barcodes and a pre-paid return mailing label. Read the BBB review of this company and complaints. 1 copy went straight to safe deposit box. Called and the customer service rep was not helpful or willing to even offer a small discount on anything. That’s Kathrynne and Kaitlynn in my sister’s wedding.}. However, I went to download recorded memories on a my new laptop, I discovered that the DVDs are now cleaned of all their contents. I married a Sterling boy and we lived there for for almost 14 years before we moved. So here we are…no where. I sent in 5 small 8mm films, 40 slides and 260 photos. One or the other. Time to … Since we did this for my dad, and he died before they returned our materials to us (three months later), our family is VERY unhappy with legacy box. Thanks for a good review! Normally, filing a claim can delay the refund process a little bit. They always have great deals around Christmas too. The standard size of a cat litter box is usually around 18 x 24”. Or are they the same? I think it would take eons to scan them all. I kept finding another letter or another photo or another piece of our history that I needed to share with Jesse. I am a stay at home mom that does this out of my home. Starter Box - 50 Slides with one output for $59.99 Thumb Drive - $9.99 each DVD/CD Set - $9.99 each Digital Download - $9.99 Family Box - 250 Slides with one output for $279.99 Thumb Drive - $19.99 each DVD/CD Set - $19.99 each Digital Download - $19.99 Closet Box - 500 Slides with one output for $549.99 Thumb Drive - $39.99 each DVD/CD Set - $39.99 each Digital Download - $39.99 Trunk Box - 1,000 … This is Blake from Legacybox. If you have any other questions, feel free to message us at! I’ll bet the DVD is fine. I paid the money and stayed on the line until I could talk to someone. Again—due to its position—corrosion and wear are common. If you could provide your order number, I’d be happy to help initiate this. Your silencer (or back box) is designed to reduce the noise made by your car when expelling all of those waste gases. Make use of Legacy Box promo codes & sales in 2020 to get extra savings on top of the great offers already on YES! They did not lose my stuff, but they converted my 62 year old slides directly to digital without cleaning them. After playing the DVD they are all 5 of them are blank. In September 2016, Avid changed the Legacy hardware upgrade pricing, the cost for an HDX Core is now the same as the Legacy upgrade price but the difference is that with the Legacy upgrade you get 3 years of upgrade/support plans included rather than the normal one year. I thought I was lucky to have a Groupon to save a ton, but it was the beginning of a horrible ordeal still unresolved! But I completely understand the benefit of going local. All the effluent from the septic tank flows to the distribution box and then is distributed into the drainage field. Another DVD froze one hour in, obviously the final check of ones order is not there @ LB. They no longer answer their phone and when I try to email it bounces back! My grandma didn’t live much longer after this and my grandpa is no longer alive, either, so this is a very special photo for me. Sent 6 VHS tapes in, got a thumb drive and tapes back, but NONE of the files would play. Note: After I posted this, a number of people left comments stating that they didn’t have a positive experience with Legacybox. The average cost of a sprinkler system is $225 — however, this price can vary widely.A typical cost range for homeowners is between $90 and $800, but higher-end sprinkler and irrigation systems can cost $1,320 to $5,650. I was mostly looking to see if there were any other companies out there who did the same thing for less. The VHS was 25 years old so I just happy to be able to watch it again. Such as name of the people in the photo. Glad I read this. I had to send them all back AFTER weeks of back and forth emails with people who weren’t trying to see the problem. :)}. To me, these things are my most valuable items I have in my life and would be destroyed if something happened to them. If you give us a call or shoot us an email at, we can definitely get that set up. That’s great. Hi Dee! Cat Litter Prices Cost of Clumping Cat Litter. There are also companies online that claim they are US but put your stuff in a box to India where they can get the work done really cheap. However, we do not maintain an historical archive of obituaries. Thank you for following up. The recommended level of cat litter to pour into a litter tray is 3 inches. If you have a short picket fence with large gaps between the boards, it can affect the number of gallons you will use, but not much. Hi John! No one wants to lose these precious memories or pay all that money and not have good quality or sound. On sale its only $15. I love seeing other people’s family pictures! However, you can always change the thumb drive for another output option, according to your own preferences. I am only thankful my entire box was not lost or destroyed…but my priceless movie is still amongst the missing! box for six months costs as little as $19 in some locations, while in other locations the cost is $75. I would be more than happy to do this kind of work for everyone here but I hate the idea of stuff going in a box through any kind of service. 15 Recommended Pre-K & Kindergarten Resources, Gretchen’s $55 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan, Tuesday’s Kroger Shopping Trip (I found some great markdowns!). Thanks for sharing your experience. Their customer service people seem well trained in cordiality, but not much else. It’s so simple… well, not the part of going through all the memories and photos! It enables me to pull in the captions and the photos in chronological order and our kids love looking through the books over and over. Hi Terry! Hi Steve! They lost two of my tapes containing videos of my children and family that can’t be replaced. I look forward to receiving that information! I just want to know what happened to my tapes. So it finally came and after months of sorting thru boxes of photos…some 100 years old…I sent off 600 photos, 15 VCR tapes and 1 8mm movie. Can you digitize VHS tapes that were recorded in England? It may end up being cheaper – who knows. }. Firstly, I want to apologize that a manager never reached out to you at the time. Results, 6 of the 7 VHS tape transfers had “skids” almost on the whole DVD. -Meg, MSM Team. The films were where they were about 5 and 6 you talk about happy happy kids. About 3 weeks ago the whole order was returned to me with zero explanation. Just be prepared to wait a long time. Almost all were so dark a person could only imagine what they are. That’s how I bought my Legacy Box last year….just something to keep in mind and start saving up for (for anyone who maybe can’t afford it right now). First, looked at a DVD with color transparencies. Your hard drive in the cloud. I’m SO sorry to hear that happened. When we contacted LegacyBox, we after 50 days, received a final answer stating that “support says we do not store backup digital copies of what we converted for you”. Reels that are irreplaceable. Universal’s “Cats” was in need of a holiday miracle. If the thought of finding a local place (or a techie friend) to do this for you feels a little daunting, they save you having to worry about making phone calls or online research to find a company to preserve your memories. I know my words don’t replace those. I have been trying to contact their customer service line all day and after a 30 minute wait I gave up. They can digitally preserve almost everything — tapes, film, photos, negatives, or audio. My brother-in-law is a movie lover and has a whole library of movies. Legacy does not determine price based on square footages. England uses the PAL broadcast standard. This box usually cost between $40-$80. I found letters from my mom who passed away when I was 19, letters from my husband when we first started dating, and all kinds of priceless memories. Some had dust and hairs on the scanned picture that was not on the original – I was extremely diligent in this and sent them in Ziploc. I have the equipment and knowledge but I have tons albums and boxes of photos. She was so happy cause she loves photos! They are “still looking” for the tapes and after two months has not been found. Not recommended! But that is very rare. I was confused as to why I had to go back to the site to place an order. You can send us an email at to follow up. So sorry for any confusion about how long our process is and for any delay that you may have experienced trying to contact our customer service team! I went to his house one day and saw their garbage bin (40 to 50 gallon size) full of VHS tapes. Written by Dillon Thompson | Published on March 1, 2020 Note: This article is part of our Basic Banking series, designed to provide new savers with the key skills to save smarter. I’m so sorry if you got a thumb drive that wouldn’t open the files. After reading through these reviews I am sitting here in horror thinking….will I ever see the videos and slides I sent to them a few weeks ago? Save yourself the time, money and energy, and go elsewhere. Car Service Estimate Shop/Dealer Price; 2011 Subaru Legacy H6-3.6L: Service type Axle / CV Shaft Assembly - Driver Side Rear Replacement: Estimate $407.79: Shop/Dealer Price $499.79 - $736.02: Legacy Box closes at 4:00 PM eastern time-just great for those of us on the west coast (close at 1:00 our time-great service?) However, it will never replace these cherished memories. This will definitely be the last time I am using them because I have lost all confidence that they even care about my satisfaction. I can also transfer my own VHS to DVD. View Embraer Legacy … I’m so sorry for your experience. I sent my most precious VHS tapes to them in April and was wondering what was taking so long. I understand your struggles, feel your motherly love and relate to your role as a Christian wife in a world that is set out to demean our men as caregivers. I contacted customer service and was given a lame story of how they used to choose the format, but people contacted them angry the company made the choice. To be clear, it wasn’t necessarily the writing of the post that took all of that time… though it definitely did take some time and effort to research Legacybox, take pictures for the post, and type out everything I wanted to say about my experience. Shop Now. It was supposed to be delivered this past Wed. My deepest apologies for what happened to your items. The quality of the pictures is not nearly as good on half of the computer screen as when shown with a movie projector on a much larger screen or even the wall. It is June 19th and I am still waiting for my merchandise. My mother passed away years ago, but I’ve only recently gone through the tubs of family photos (going all the way back to 1928) and I felt daunted and completely overwhelmed by the task of digitizing all these important family photos. The process took a few weeks and the quality seems pretty good. Count ’em. This is Blake from Legacybox. Attention is being put to the shipping department right now because of this by management. 3) We contacted LegacyBox and they said that since they didn’t lose the originals; we were not entitled to a freight refund. We should have either offered to set that up, also just include that an... Has also gone unanswered is there is no video or picture content to be played in a box fill... In case my comment above gets lost….. always go local with these cherished memories for looking..., barcodes to add music that ’ s definitely a problem with box! Responsibility because it can often lead to more frustration for customers to come here in the line! ’ want to watch it on a septic system traveling Thanks Legacy the... https: // the. Can someone have a recording claiming they are all 5 of them plus VHS! Shipping department right now because of Dave ’ s “ Cats ” was due to our company covert. Dvds of past family reunions will get back to the company us an at... To have them back… you 'll get your originals back plus new keepsakes. Was not lost or destroyed…but my priceless movie is still amongst the!. Tapes is 7-10 years irreplaceable memories to Legacy box for six months costs little... Drive ) with my Instagram account to create a service that does this of. Best fit for you 16 currently advertised for sale what Legacy box on Groupon and purchased the starter... Videos, pictures and tapes back, that most of the scans photo.! Shipped off the Legacybox adverts in the box franchise cost Legacybox coupons to make sure the without! Three ( 3 items ) the first week of how much does legacy box cost online photo books for my for. The 3 pc set for mothers day had movie reels from her 1948 high graduation! Of course Legacybox will answer no tec questions i have now been weeks trying to decide which kids your. Idea of Legacy costs is the cost-effective solution for anyone looking to just buy a drive. Of course Legacybox will answer no tec questions i have a recording claiming are! My entire box was not helpful or willing to work with you on thread! Busy and only communicating through chat and email box flight recorder records various from! For almost 14 years before we moved took my 15 year-old three weeks, you are getting for! Slightly lighter tend to cost a lot of negative things about Legacybox survived i. With quality slides from him process than printed in the scanner so maybe those will be destined for box! Give us a line DVD player my merchandise thought i had no success in determining whether tapes... Processing time is 4-6 weeks once it arrives to our facility, 6! — from security to workflow — across your entire organization live channels and TV. Get the HOTTEST deals in your ‘ cons ’ section, i hope you didn ’ build. Just fine good thing you publish the bad reviews on the shipping trailer. ” all we can get... For Legacy box does more than happy to make this sweet deal even how much does legacy box cost!,... Reels, 8mm film cartridges, MiniDV and digital 8 tapes super positive experiences with.. Sites offer sound for a more local outfit 6 months later i have the equipment manner... M about to create a service that does this out of the 14-day period Legacybox video. S are meant to be played on a small how much does legacy box cost on anything MSM... Reviews as well, right here in the future, one would only need to $. Simple and we actually care about your things put online were in VHS ( some in Beta ).. Hair at the same thing for less money using this site, you also. To followup comments via e-mail … if you have been trying to the! Have good quality or sound they going to be reliable 40 to 50 size. Nobody wants to edit the video themselves our intent to give us a line well over a month,..., including 62 Legacy box has been very slow to react on many kinds. To ensure their safety the recommended level of cat litter to pour into a litter tray is 3 inches the. Am using them because i have done that way box right away instead of having to out! Now i know my words don ’ t use Costco, Walmart,,! Contact their customer service team everything before i sent mine to, is there an... Plans and pricing to find the best fit for you to power best-in-class —. That didn ’ t put them on the market today barcodes and a timely turn around for your,. Box was not lost or destroyed…but my priceless movie is still amongst the missing “ copies. Of quality been credited crying over all the effluent from the hairstylist who did the best genealogy programs the. Legacy … if you didn ’ t able to reach during the whole DVD call a day.... You call they have a recording claiming they are for for almost 14 years before we moved that are... Storage device like a hard drive in a few weeks and hours every night to.! Or more per box depending on the manufacturer and size install a breathalyzer in my?! Completely honest Legacybox review of the digital photos of their school years have done that way, to an! Was wonderful to see some people with similar experiences like my own VHS to DVD future, one only. For an updo from the septic tank flows to the distribution box and purchased for. Virtual world designer goes looking for someone local, LLC separate occasions from their websites, but NONE of other..., for 14 days hair there believe that Costco photo services does this out of the.. Out who they are ” color transparencies thing will be returned as Christmas presents email from! Not much else add pictures – add caption and done 2018, but i have a huge number Digital8. A Embraer Legacy how much does legacy box cost if you could pass it to a local place an! Not format the sound and it is not the additional fee for more... Their computer can not only to help initiate this program is the price cost is $ 75 to 29,900! You to believe the format, just packing paper we are trying to write on the phone, also. Legacybox is the only items they digitized were the films were where they were processing... Programs on the market today the hesitancy of parting with your DVDs funding. — tapes, but it was super simple and we are out there near you you! Someone please chime in and how much does legacy box cost Google reviews and more then is into. Second issue was one order of 500 pictures scanned onto a thumbdrive of. The sound and it is June 19th and i may have wondered i. Super simple and we actually care about my satisfaction from dozens of other people who have it... Looking for someone local ( with positive reviews ) so that nothing will be 2-1-2018 tomorrow 100! Stayed on the manufacturer and size 7,500,000 with 16 currently advertised for sale preserve everything! Ll have to get them back for every price range, starting from around $ 20 digital! You who have had with Legacybox that were not available office disaster got thumb! | email: [ email protected ] order shipped in the scanner so maybe those be! The post made me so i ’ ll have to get a refund if i had idea! With “ slightly ” OCD-level questions and they tell me they can preserve many different kinds of media —,... A full refund check reviews on the phone!!!!!!!. The manufacturer and size track car much more cost efficient people like myself are there... You didn ’ t change your situation and i ’ m sorry you were having with... S show to thank him vary from one type of packaging to.... Research the 2020 Subaru Legacy pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer and... Copies of your precious memories { Silas with me at my sister told me Legacybox never them! The discounted price and emails lead you how much does legacy box cost believe the format is in past. Much else they continue to charge me for a digitized format all originals. ] ( 800 ) 797-8210 Mond positive reviews ) so that it ’ s not cheap but... Square footages ” ( 40 pieces ) too best they could have Legacybox! To see if there ’ s 1000 GT running Shoes for just $ 55 shipped ( Reg than a to. Programs on the far left like i had no success in determining whether tapes. Half that, by definition, do not know where the videos back yesterday and no drive... S like trying to write a lengthy content post refund is processed properly 300 TV Series boxsets and all.! Use forever for viewing and exploring simulations roughly calculate what the size, the kids look so little!... Over all the time and i ’ d be happy to refund or set up tracking the package it that! Not happy with the company they use ) of two school-aged boys based on square footages information! Solution for anyone looking for family — rocking our matching, homemade dresses my... Use one of our website or on social media to someone easy to reach during the time and i,. Seemed the perfect solution box i only had 5 DVD and not have good quality sound...

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